Our Security Protection package includes Help Desk support, Security, and Backup services. Improved protection, faster performance, higher reliability, and support!!!



  • Antivirus Protection Premium and Top-Rated AV.
  • Operating System Updates Automatically applied.
  • 3rd Party Software Updates 90% of attacks come from holes in outdated software.
  • Malicious Ad Blocking No more intrusive ads!
  • Malicious Software Monitoring Antivirus doesn’t protect against malicious software. We do.
  • Faster Internet Browsing Web pages load faster.
  • System File Cleaning We remove files that slow you down.
  • File System Integrity Monitoring Undetected File System Corruption leads to a broken computer.
  • Hard Drive Integrity Monitoring Hard drives don’t last. We’ll let you know before it’s too late.
  • Full System Backup Back to work in 20 minutes or less!?!?
  • Virus Free Guarantee We can’t promise you won’t get a virus, but if you do… We’ll fix it like it never happened.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not satisfied in any way, we’ll refund your last month of service.

Technical Support not Included Additional fee required.